Go Motor Car CD Release, with p2b, Unit 7 Drain, Second in Command, 1/12/02

There are local bands I like, ones I don't and still others I wish I were a member of. Unit 7 Drain obviously rank on the latter list, and so do Pilot to Bombardier, whose handling of the whole mysterious emo-is-to-indie-as-Mission of Burma-was-to-the early '90s resurgance of guitar rock thing made me as happy as I would have been had Versus been on the bill. Angular, melodic guitar parts seemed to swirl around vocal passages that became more like guitar solos than lyrical lynchpins. Meanwhile, rhythmically, Pilot were right on target, gently working the moderate crowd into a frenzy worthy of at least 60 more fans in attendance.
- Michael Henningsen, Alibi
Mistletoe, Pilot to Bombardier, Oh Ranger!, Jet Black Summer, 12/22/01 Warehouse 21, Santa Fe, NM

Pilot to Bombardier makes its [Santa Fe] debut at this show. Santa Feans finally get a dose of this trio's highly infectious guitar-driven indie-rock goodness. Founded two years ago by guitarist Sean McCullough and drummer Travis Williams, P2B has opened for bands including Versus, Mike Watt and the Shins. With one split 7-inch (with Chicago-based The South of No North) under their belt and a new EP and tour in the works, it looks like these guys might finally get the attention they deserve. Onstage, Williams, who also sings for the band, rocks out like no other (well he does sort of remind me of Animal from the Muppet Show) and his intense drum work blends perfectly with McCullough's proficient guitar meanderings and the syncopated bass rhythms of Miguel Villarreal. They have perfected the craft of building the tension and release cycles that marks most great songs, and their sounds calls to mind Pavement and Guided by Voices. -Aubrey Sandoval, Pasa Tiempo, Santa Fe New Mexican

I played in this band called Pilot to Bombardier that we did a split with who are complete Satanists.
They worship the devil. They don't care about anything good or pure. All they care about is evil.
The whole time I was with them, everything was death and destruction. We are trying to bring
the light back.

Liam Kimball, ex-Pilot to Bombardier bass player, comenting on us and
his new "band," The South of No North, 9/2/01 uptodatemusic. (he claims to have been
to drunk to even remember saying this)

Go Motor Car, Dorian, Pilot to Bombardier - 3/24/00 - Launchpad
"Pilot to Bombardier are still tops. Sean's guitars are never quite the same twice; in fact he's even
starting to pull out tidbits of Mahavishnu John McLaughlin or something. Although ya might lose
him in all the tumult, Miguel's doing some cool shit on the bass; pay attention next time, OK?
And Travis still looks like some scientist in the ecstasy of creation."
-Captain America, Wig Wam Bam #24, April, 2001
Pilot to Bombardier, Knuckle Duster, Unit 7 Drain, Cymbeline - 2/4/01 - Insurgo
......"I don't know where anyone gets the idea that our own Pilot to Bombardier should be classified as
"file under: emo" at the record shops. I'd drop them closer to, say, Built to Spill or Archers of Loaf --
y'know, indie rock with intelligence & passion.
Miguel had his funk on tonight, happily swinging his bass around like he was dancing with some cutie
he couldn't believe went out on a date with him. Travis is totally elsewhere while singing and the way he
crouches over his kit and pounds those skins, its amazing he's not whacking himself in the head with
those sticks. Or is he?
Meanwhile, Sean's guitar work is inspired but a cursory glance at his heroic line-up of pedals & boxes
looked like he was down from ten to more to maybe eight. Streamlining the operation? Pawning stuff
for gas (beer) money? Hard to say but there was no loss of sound quality. Or maybe I just can't count.
-Captain America, Wig Wam Bam #23, March, 2001
Left Unsaid, Pilot To Bombardier, Dorian, Go Motor Car - 1/26/01 - Launchpad
What a killer line-up of opening bands! .......Go Motor Car, Dorian and Pilot to Bombardier are to me
the heart of everything new and exciting on the local scene these days. The type of music theses bands
play is synonymous with good musicianship, structure and heart. You can almost always count on well-
practiced cleantunes. But tonight, they were all just sloppy enough to really rock out.
-Captain America, Wig Wam Bam #22, February 2001
Grow Up or Throw Up, But Just Show UP!

By Brett Alexander

May 15, 2001

Remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (or Bogus Journey if you went so far)? Well,
Bill and Ted, and, later, their “princesses”, had a band and ended up bringing world peace to
earth with their music. Don’t ask why I know this, or choose to remember these things, but
to my defense I was reminded of the movie when I recently saw Pilot to Bombardier.

Pilot to Bombardier is not a movie but a band that has the musical capabilities of creating
world peace, similar to the peace inspired by Bill and Ted. Of course, this is not an insult.
Remember, Bill and Ted traveled back in time to learn to play their instruments from past
masters and they acquired Death as a band member, which is always a plus. Anyway,
Pilot to Bombardier incorporates Space-rock with well-composed pop rock, therefore
putting them in the category: Indie rock. The style of their music didn’t remind me of
Bill and Ted as much as the audience’s response did. As soon as Pilot to Bombardier
took the stage viewers calmly and quietly gathered around and watched, peacefully.

The members of Pilot to Bombardier are all talented, intelligent musicians but their stage
presence solely depends on their good looks. In other words they are the type of band
that could play at a hip wedding, a peaceful hip wedding, meaning they lack an obnoxious
front man. Don’t get me wrong just don’t expect a mosh pit.

Actually a Pilot to Bombardier show is a perfect place to take a date. You can show your
lady your good taste in music and show her a good time without her having to fear
abandonment for male on male moshing, unless of course if your girl likes the fast lane.
In that case take her to a Lush Rustler show and she can spar with their girlfriends and
loose while you make a drunken fool of yourself.

Describing Pilot to Bombardier is difficult because they are incomparable with junk off
the EDGE, and finding a mellower, talented, group to get the idea across is pointless
because people are still recovering from seeing Brittney Spears’ boobs.

Just keep three things in mind: Space-rock, successful date, and good taste.
Pilot to Bombardier will be playing inconspicuously at the Launchpad Wednesday
May 16 with Unit 7 Drain, Go Motor Car and Second Day Air.

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