Pilot to Bombardier consists of Miguel on guitar and bass, Travis pulling double duty as vocalist and drummer, and Sean plays guitar, sings and plays keys sporadically. Rhian is filling in on bass duties for awhile.

Pilot to Bombardier has been together for three years now. Travis and Sean have played together for six years in various bands. Their band previous to p2b was Roman Candle Choir which featured Dan Qualley on bass and vocals. Dan decided his future(plus his girlfriend) was in Chicago so he moved out there in June of '99. While Travis and Sean were working on getting another project together Sean started playing with a great pop band, Fever Hot, which consisted of Jack Sparacino, Liam Kimball and Miguel Villarreal. Eventually Travis and Sean pestered Liam and Miguel enough to try to get them to play with them and p2b was born. After about six months Liam also decided that his future(and his girlfriend) was also in Chicago so he moved in August of 2000. After a short period of looking for a new bass player Miguel decided to try his hand at playing bass and found that he loved it. Miguel played bass for a while but then decided he prefered playing guitar. Pilot searched for six months for a bass player and then found a musical companion in Rhian. Jack, from Fever Hot also moved to Chicago and they all formed the South of No North. They have since moved onto other projects.

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