Moving Day - 6.1 mb
demo version
With Rhian Batson: bass
Recorded/mixed by Michael Chavez, Stepbridge Studios
March, 2003

From forthcoming Science Projects Records compilation:
Just What I Needed - 3.1mb
Migs on bass. Basic tracking by Alex Rose
January, 2003

Fire Season - 6.4 mb
With Forest Agee: bass, backing vox
Recorded/mixed by Tim Stroh, Stepbridge Studios
November, 2002

Perfect Plan - 3.6 mb
With Forest Agee: bass
Recorded/mixed by Michael Whitten
August, 2002

From 7" split with the South of No North:
Migs on bass
Valentine - 4.7mb

Songs from pilot demo:
With Liam Kimball: bass, backing vox
Summer 2000

Live for the Day - 3.4 mb

Is It True? - 4.8mb

Kill the Messenger - 4.3 mb

Thick - 5.1mb

Rise and Shine - 4mb

All music recorded/mixed by Sean unless otherwise noted.
© pilottobombardier

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